Our projects range from multi-million dollar installations to simple inspections and modifications. We approach each job as a fresh opportunity to

create solutions that encompass uncompromising quality, efficiency and cost-effectiveness for our clients. 



  • Multi-Story Mixed-Use Buildings

  • Institutional Buildings

  • Warehouses, Gas Stations, Strip Malls, etc.

  • Data Centers- Servers, Antenna, Generator and Battery Installations

  • Steel Framed Buildings- Braced Frames, Moment Frames, Composite Beams & Slabs, Steel Joists

  • Concrete Framed Buildings- Flat Slabs, Framed Beam Structures, and Shear Walls

  • Foundation Design and Modifications- Mats, Cassions, Piles and Piers

  • Wood, Block and Light Gauge Steel Framing

  • Structural Reinforcement of Existing Buildings

  • Building Inspections and Evaluations

  • Existing Steel Joists/Truss Retrofits

  • Manholes and Underground Tanks

  • Front Entry Structure such as Canopies, Arches, Digital Display Boards, etc.

  • Retaining Walls- Concrete, Block, Allan Block, Retrofitting

  • Shoring (Sheet Piles, H-Piles, etc.)

  • Aluminum Structures

  • Specifications and Cost Estimates


  • High-Rise Design

  • Parking Structure Design

  • Foundation Design and Modifications

  • Concrete Framed Buildings

  • Steel Framed Buildings

  • Inspections and Evaluations

  • ADA Compliant

  • Sustainable Design Compliant

  • Specialty Design


  • Steel and Foundation Design for Complex Industrial
    Structures Including Mat Foundation Design, Piles, Piers, Cassions, etc.

  • Silos, Tanks and Supporting Structures

  • Value Engineering

  • Crane Girders, Monorails, Hoists

  • Pipe Rack Steel and Foundations

  • Vibrating Equipment (Id Fan, Fd Fan, Mill Foundation)

  • Retrofit Existing Facilities Including Platforms, Ladders, Stairs, etc.

  • Industrial Architectural Code Study & Details

Modular Systems

  • Structural Design of Full Scale Production Modular Systems Supporting All Equipment Including Separation/Distillation Columns, Heat Exchangers, Pumps and Tanks

  • Structural Analysis of Systems for Operating,
    Transportation and Lifting Conditions

  • Foundation Design for Modular Systems 
    and Retrofit on Existing Foundations

  • High Pressure and Temperature Pipe Stress Analysis and Pipe Support Design

  • Fatigue Analysis & Mitigation

  • Steel Stack Analysis and Design

  • Full Seismic and Wind Design for Non-Structural and Structural Components

  • Supports for Process Equipment and Piping

  • Modularizing Structural Components for Reduced Field Installation Costs

  • Site/Civil Work, Drainage Studies

Industrial & Process / Pharmaceutical Facilities

  • Structural Design of Support Structures and Foundations for Chemical Process Plants

  • Equipment Support Design and Seismic Qualification of Support Systems

  • Dynamic Analysis of Vibrating Equipment Foundations

  • Piperacks and Pipe Support Design

Power Generation / Distribution Facilities

  • Structural Design of Air Pollution Control Equipment Support Elements Including Foundations

  • Substation and Distribution System Foundations and Structural Supports

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